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About Leadership Portage County

Our Mission

The mission of Leadership Portage County is to provide unique insights into Portage County; explore and develop various styles, theories and examples of leadership; to provide opportunities to build relationships and networks; and to serve as a catalyst for volunteerism and positive change in Portage County.

Leadership Portage County is committed to:

  • Identifying and developing individuals in Portage County who have leadership potential and interest which would positively contribute to the economic, business, governmental, educational, cultural, social, and civic development of the county;

  • Stimulating an increased interest in and a commitment to community involvement;

  • Assisting individuals to become actively involved on various committees, boards, and task forces concerned with community betterment;

  • Providing a network of human resources available to each program graduate to be applied in his or her future leadership endeavors.

Kurt E. Ruehr MBA

Executive Director

I am so honored to be a part of this fantastic organization. Joining in it's 25th year has been very exciting for me. I have chosen to live and raise my family here in Portage County. I grew up in Shalersville, lived for many years in Kent and now reside in Aurora. I decided several years ago that if I was going to live here, it was up to me to work to make this place the best place to be. I am extremely pleased to be leading this group where I feel that my efforts are being multiplied as I teach others all about the place that I have called home my whole life. 

Kurt Head Shot (3).jpg

Board of Directors

David McIntyre, President
Dr. Gary Niehaus, Vice President
Karen Duffy, Treasurer

Kaitlyn McNerney, Treasurer
Mary Jo Cline, Secretary

David Dix, President Emeritus

Sabrina Bennett

Brian Boykin

Lori Calcei

Mary Jo Cline

Brad Ehrhart

Leighann Fink

Mark Frisone

Chelsea Heim

Karyn Kravetz

Shirley Mars

Mike Pfhal

Sherry Rose

Josephine Wheeler

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